Mike and Paula Tye

Deb and I had a great time about a week ago hosting Mike and Paula Tye onboard Morpheus!

This was their second visit over the past few years, the first was in the British Virgin Islands and for this trip we decided to tour the Aeolean Islands located off the NE corner of Sicily.

We met in Palermo, Sicily and started the trip off with some food and drink at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea.

Immediately afterwards, in order to waste no time, we boarded Morpheus and left the marina on an overnight passage of 75 miles to the first of the Islands, Salina.

The week that followed included pasta lunches on Salina, afternoons swimming over the pure white ocean bottom off the old Pumice mines on Lipari, evenings spent wandering and enjoying the Gucci island of Panarea, grotto tours on the island of Vulcano, and hopeful glances towards Stromboli which is a constantly active volcanic island.

And of course the obigatory outdoor drive in movie style watching of Captain Ron!

Captain Ron!
Captain Ron!

Below are some photos from their visit!


We are anchored and looking up at the rim of the volcano on Vulcano. This island is old. Really old. So old that it is supposedly the source of the word “volcano”.

Our friends from Seville (Sara & Ulf) are meeting is here via ferry this evening and will spend the next week or so with us.  They basically adopted is for a month in Seville and it’s very nice now to have the chance to return the favor. 

Isola de Panarea

  We have just finished a week of cruising with Mike and Paula Tye in the aeolian islands off the North shore of Sicily.   A great time was had by all. 
Internet coverage is spotty out here and we’ve been busy doing things rather than writing about them. But, fear not a large volume of photos will appear soon!!