Provincetown, Mass.

Nantucket one day, Provincetown the next.  Is it possible to travel to two ports in one day that are more different than these two places??

Nantucket – playground for the rich, preppy, white, and straight.

Provincetown – playground where anything, and anyone goes.  Especially popular with starving artists, and those with shall we say “non standard sexual preferences”.

 I know this is NOT politically correct. But, coming from San Francisco we thought we’d heard it all.

That was until a good friend suggested to us that “it is local custom to back into the harbor when arriving!!”

We are still laughing about that today!!

Nantucket – Not our favorite…

Coming from Edgartown (which we both liked), I was expecting to find Nantucket a bit less crowded and commercialized.  What we found was exactly the opposite.

When we arrived, we found that all the transient moorings were taken (yes, I should have made a reservation.)  We also found that what little area in the harbor left for anchoring was also crowded, shallow, and exposed to some pretty significant currents.


It was pretty late in the day, so rather than move along to somewhere else, we spent about an hour trying to get ourselves anchored in a spot where we felt marginally comfortable.  As we worked on this we got to enjoy watching somebody sail too close to an anchored boat, get tangled in that boats anchor line, crash into the anchored boat, and drag through part of the anchorage while others around pulled up their anchors as fast as they could and got out of the way!

In the end, it was a long night of waking up every hour to make sure that we were keeping a safe distance from our neighbors.  Oh, and I almost forgot we got to enjoy a 35 knot squall that blasted through the anchorage that night as well!

I didn’t make it into town until the next afternoon, and when I did I found preppy paradise.  Holy cow, how do they convince those people that it’s acceptable to wear red, green or plaid pants.  And, then they cover them in whales or lobsters???  Unreal.  It seemed like one big fraternity/sorority gathering.  Nantucket is obviously not going for diversity!!

If we get a chance, perhaps we’ll go back and give it another try, but at this point I think Edgartown wins hands down!

New Game. Dodge Whale!

It's bad when you are in a 50 foot boat, and you keep hearing the line from Jaws, “We're going to need a bigger boat!”

Yesterday evening we left Provincetown (which make SF look tame) and sailed all night to Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. Easy….Not!

We sailed right through Stillwagen Banks, which is a huge National Marine Sanctuary. They have TONS of whales. I saw a Minke whale on the way out of the harbor, and so many Humpbacks, we had to hand drive to miss them. We saw at least 10 whales breaching, and 1 whale must have tail slapped the water 20 times. Jim said he obviously wasn't getting what he wanted, and we couldn't supply it. We also saw a whale flippers and tail in the air, waggling his huge white flippers. Again, we couldn't help. At one point 2 HUGE Humpbacks went by 20 yards away.

There were more whales than Lobster Pots! And this is Maine!


Beautiful Night

Edgartown – Just after sunset.

Debbie, Pat And I are here anchored onboard Morpheus, and are anchored in the outer harbor off Edgartown.  Its close to midnight, no wind, no clouds, and a sky full of a million stars! The Milky Way is so easy to see and we’ve also seen several shooting stars.

Jim and Pat