Small World, Good Friends

We are so lucky to have been able to cross paths with Paul & Amanda Mitchell after 12 years.
We all first met in 2002 during our first cruise on Morpheus with our kids. Musket Cove, Fiji was ground zero for many of us cruisers that year and it’s fantastic to be able to spend time with friends made then, so many years later.
We all have the same basic “plan” for this season so many more fun times to come!!

Jim Gregory 

Last Night in Ibiza

We are off for Majorca today after spending the last four days “buddy boating” with Paul and Amanda Mitchell and their boat Aztec Gold. 
Paul and Amanda are from New Zealand and we met them during our South Pacific cruise in Fiji. 
We had a great time with them (then and now) and should see them several more times this season as our “plans” are very similar. 
It’s a small world out here

Jim Gregory 

Isle de Formentera & Ibiza

We’ve spent the last three days anchored in a couple of different spots off the island of Formentera, and just this morning sailed over to Ibiza. 

Formentera is a beautiful spot with the only white sandy beaches that I’ve seen in Europe so far.  The beaches are spotlessly clean and the water is as clean as any we’ve seen on our travels.  I’d stay longer, but we need to start making our way North in order to be in Barcelona by the time Suzanne and Denise arrive in aprox. one week.

So, it’s a big night out tonight in Ibiza, and then on to Palma, Mallorca within a day or two.  Sounds good to me!!