I’m in Wales…

…where I am sure they invented alphabet soup.

I’m in a town called llanafwr. Honest.

All is good except I’m wearing 3 layers if clothing. My ankle is getting better. I’m still with Emily Comfort and Brett. Ita is sleeping her way through England, the trollip. On our way to a whiskey tour. More later if I can type!


I haven’t been this cold….

Deb here:

I am currently having a great time touring England while waiting to join Jim in Puerto Rico, and while it has been really beautiful and fun, it has also been really COLD!  -1 C!  I have not been in weather like this in 2 1/2 years.  Brrrr!  Ita was shivering so badly yesterday I had to go out and get her a coat.
Brett & Emily (Comfort) and I are currently in Plymouth, England.  Emily and I get to be tourists while Brett tank tests one of his newer wave energy projects.

Yesterday Emily and I went to the Plymouth Museum, and it was surprisingly good.  Whoever is in charge of how the displays are laid out, the information included  and what’s included knows their job.  It was really a nice display.

Then a brisk walk to the park that over looks the mouth of the river Plym… (“Plym”-“Mouth”… get it…)  and a memorial to the navel losses in WWI and WWII.  We also watched a few really crazy people swimming in the freezing ocean while we had our nice warm lunch.

It’s been nice to spend some “girl time.”  Em and I went to watch the new Hunger Games movie, which we are pretty sure neither of our husbands would want to see.  Tomorrow we are off to Wales.  Photos to come.