Day 3: American Yacht Club Cruise – Battleship Cove, Fall River

Morpheus and the Battleship Massachusetts

Peg and Cameron Jackson

Morpheus and the Battleship Massachusetts

Following her shakedown period Battleship Massachusetts went into action on November 8, 1942 as part of Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa. While cruising off the city of Casablanca, Morocco, the Battleship engaged in a gun duel with the unfinished French battleship Jean Bart, moored at a Casablanca pier. In this battle, Massachusetts fired the first American 16″ projectile in anger of World War II. Five hits from Big Mamie silenced the enemy battleship, and other 16″ shells from Battleship Massachusetts helped sink two destroyers, two merchant ships, a floating dry-dock, and heavily damaged buildings and docks in Casablanca.

Weekend with Pat onboard

SunRISE at American Yacht Club, Rye, NY

Beautiful 8 Meter sets sail at dawn

Cooking lunch enroute…

Debbie at the helm

It’s still aboard!!

“Get out of the water!!!!” – Jaws

It has been a good Summer to see Patrick!

Edgartown Harbor

It took about 15 seconds for him to figure this out.

Sunset on Martha’s Vineyard

Heading to shore

Hanging on the boat

“I might be able to get used to this!”

Ita – not happy to see Pat leaving….