Heading South

We’ve spent a couple of days making short hops down the West side of Ibiza.

For all the press that this place gets regarding crowds and craziness, we’ve managed to find some pretty nice spots.  We’ve enjoyed the full moon rising over Ibiza now for a couple of nights, and discovered a tiny little beach cafe that served the best steak that I’ve had in Europe!!  Two mornings ago, we woke up and we were the only boat in our harbor.

Cala Aubarca


Cala Saladeta



Time for Ibiza

On July 7th, we decided to make the 70nm crossing to Ibiza.  The winds were forecast to be out of the North in the 10-15 knot range and it was to be a nice easy downwind sail.

In the end, we saw winds average 15-20 knots, and reach the upper 20’s for an hour or so.  I’m pretty sure that I enjoyed the journey a bit more than Deb.

The great news here is that my new gyro compass did a fantastic job and has really enhanced the downwind steering under autopilot.  The gyro compass sends not only heading but also heel and pitch data to the autopilot which is programmed to interpret this information and “anticipate” changes in direction.  It works!!  This is great news for those of us that plan to make the 3,000 crossing to the Caribbean in November.

Cala Portinax (1)We reached the NW corner of Ibiza an hour or so prior to sunset and pulled into a small harbor called Cala Portinatx.  Nothing special here.  Nice but not great.  Sort of felt like a town and resort area that was well past its prime and just barely surviving.

Es Trenc Beach – Ses Covetes, Mallorca

El Trenc 2 (14)After a few days at Cala Mondrago (see previous post) the ocean swells switched over and started rolling into the harbor at about 1am.  At that point, we had no option but to suffer through a really uncomfortable night and wait until sunrise.

That we did, but as soon as the sun poked its head up we were on deck and moving.

Sailing (2)

We spent a few hours working North looking for a nice place that would offer protection from the easterly swell but had no luck.

So, we turned around and headed South to the bottom of the island and ended up anchoring in perfectly calm waters over white sands in 17 feet of water.

Ses Covetes is a long narrow sandy beach that runs for miles on the southeast corner of Mallorca.  There are none of the usual hotels or resorts on this beach so you feel as though you are off in the wild somewhere.  Very nice!

Good News From Home!

Our tenants of the past two years moved out on June 26th. 

We signed a new lease with what sounds like a great family on June 29th!!


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Thank you Sherri!!!