Black Sails – Quote


Only one more episode left for the series “Black Sails”.  If you are not yet a fan, check it out.  It’s a fantastic series focused on the caribbean and pirates, set in the time leading up to Robert Lewis Stevenson’s famous “Treasure Island”.

Anyway, this quote stood out from tonight’s episode so much that I’ve decided to share it  here.

Said by an Old Salt enjoying a passage onboard a pirate ship, as he looks wistfully out at the horizon….

One day you’ll leave the account, take a wife, father children, see less and less of the sea, until she becomes like a painting hanging on a wall, static and irrelevant to your daily existence. 

But she’ll keep on calling you.  And when she does, you’ll step into that painting and feel the swell beneath your feet and it’ll all come back to you as if it was like yesterday.

Hold onto this as long as you can, for all of us that once had it and walked away…

Google Photo Backup

If you have not yet discovered Google’s photo backup application you really should check it out. 

Not only is it free, but it automatically backs up photos from your phone, pc, etc. 

And, it does some cool things with some of them that result in something like what follows…

Caribbean 600 Race & Scenes from Antigua

Eventually, I will find the time to sit down and describe our race.  The short summary is that with breeze we turned out to be far more competitive than I expected.  Unfortunately, we had a mix of conditions that for the most part included either “on” (15-20 knots) or “off” (0-5 knots).

During the first two days of the race there was plenty of breeze and we found ourselves listed as first overall in fleet!!  During the last two days of the four day race, we had very little wind and our finishing position slid, with us eventually finishing about mid fleet and in the middle of our division.