Notre Dame

We flew from Barcelona to Paris yesterday and met up with our friend Catherine Renoir right away.

The dogs were quickly reintroduced and Ita was in doggie toy heaven.

We spent the afternoon wandering, sightseeing, and visiting a cafe or two.

It’s cold and raining here today, but we are having a great time and will find a way to get out and about somehow.


Isle Cavallo, Corsica

We are anchored off Isle Cavallo, Corsica for the night in a super protected cove. 

Isle Cavallo is a tiny private island with an airstrip and a super exclusive hotel/spa. Rumor has it Alicia Keys was recently married here. 

The wind is blowing off the beach 15-20 knots but we feel like we are sitting in a swimming pool. 

I was able to kitesurf off the beach this afternoon in about 20 knots and flat flat water. Good fun, but a bit puffy. 

Jim Gregory 

All good

Blog updates have been limited lately but all is good. We have spent the past week getting the grand tour of Southern Corsica and Northern Sardinia cruising spots. My friend and previous co-worker Klaus Blaschke and his wife Renee have taken us on a grand tour that has included some of the nicest anchorages that Deb or I have ever visited. 
Thank you Klaus and Renee. Safe travels back to Elba!

Jim Gregory