We’ve moved out to Anegada for a couple of days. We’ve never spent much time here and decided that now might be a great to to do some exploring.

Unlike all of the other islands around us, Anegada was formed via coral rather than volcanic action. While the others all have their hills and mountains, Anegada only reaches 28ft above sea level at its highest. There are miles and miles of incredible beaches all around the island, and very few people (residents or visitors). I’m also told that it sits on the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world.

So far so good. We are anchored in 13.5 feet after not seeing more than 25ft of depth for the last 4.5 miles into the beach!

Pics to follow….

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Peet’s Coffee…

Horrors!!!  Morpheus may have to go on Peet’s coffee rationing!  Our (ex) friends who were going to visit around MLK day canceled and we won’t have an opportunity to resupply until late Feb.   Gary, who sells Peete’s in the Caribbean?