VERY Interesting Times in Barcelona!

Anger in Barcelona after Spanish police arrest Catalan minister and 12 officials in raids over referendum

Spanish police on Wednesday seized millions of ballot papers in Catalonia due to be used for an independence referendum which has been banned by Madrid, a source close to the case said.

The source, who requested anonymity, said officers were currently counting them again, but that the number of ballots confiscated in Bigues, about 28 miles north of Barcelona, could reach nine million.

The seizure comes as thousands took to the streets in Barcelona on Wednesday over the detention of 13 Catalan government officials as the wealthy northeastern region presses ahead with preparations for the October 1 vote.

The police raids came amid mounting tensions as Catalan leaders press ahead with preparations for the October 1 vote despite Madrid’s ban and a court ruling deeming it unconstitutional.

Among those arrested by Spain’s Guardia Civil police force was Josep Maria Jove, secretary general of economic affairs and the deputy of Catalonia’s vice president Oriol Junqueras, a regional government spokesman said.

The others work in various Catalan government departments, including its economic and budget affairs departments, a local Guardia Civil spokesman said.

People surround Spanish Civil Guard Police cars outside the Catalan Vice-President and Economy office as police officers hold a searching operation inside on September 20
People surround Spanish Civil Guard Police cars outside the Catalan Vice-President and Economy office as police officers hold a searching operation inside on September 20 CREDIT: DAVID RAMOS/GETTY IMAGES

The reasons for the arrests were not immediately clear, but Spain’s central government has warned that officials who help stage the referendum could face criminal charges.

Back at EMV Marine Again

Just a quick stop for a final mast check and a few other misc maintenance items to make sure Morpheus is at her best for our pending Atlantic Crossing to the Caribbean.

My question at this point is will there be anything left of the Caribbean by the time we get there.  I’m just hearing today that tropical storm Maria is forecast to become a hurricane and has the islands in its sights.

Cala Colobra, Mallorca


Last week, as we made our way South from Mahon, Menorca to Palma, Mallorca we decided to pay another visit to Cala Colobra on the west coast of Mallorca.

This is one of the most beautiful bays that we have visited anywhere.  It reminds me of a cross between the movies Jurassic Park and The Beach.

The harbor itself is surrounded by towering cliffs rising straight off the shoreline and mountains climbing up beyond.  At the very base of the harbor, the cliffs are separated and give way to a small beach with a deep gorge and stream behind.

Here are a few pictures.  None of which really do it justice!

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Checking in from Palma, Mallorca


Well it’s September and like clockwork the weather has changed. Just like last year and the year before, perfect weather dominates from June through August. But, sometime early in September each year a thunderstorm makes its way across the western Med and it is like the opening of a floodgate that you just can not close.

We are once again in Palma, Mallorca. And, once again all of our casually assembled plans are being blow to hell.

The plan was to resupply in Palma before heading South over the next two weeks and ultimately ending up in Seville for an extended stay.

Now, instead Deb is flying home for an undetermined period of time to help sea with some real life family issues, while I work on a few projects safely docked (once again in Barcelona!) at Emv Marine.

Somehow, I will need to get the boat from Barcelona down to Gibraltar by mid October without Debbie. Should be interesting!!

No doubt, I will enjoy getting back to Barcelona, but this is not what we had in mind!!


Here in Mahon, they rent these really cool little donut boats for the day.  They come with a fully stocked cooler and a BBQ built in to the middle of the boat.  The people who rent these things have been really nice. I’ve been invited to stop and have dinner and a drink.   Maybe I’ll set up a  dealership when I get home?