A Bit of Holiday Catch Up

Deb and I were lucky enough to be joined over the holidays by our son Patrick and his girlfriend Kelsey.  They met us in Paris on Christmas Day, and we spent the next two weeks riding trains and visiting some great places across France, Switzerland, and Austria.

My Christmas present this year was a new drone!  This is similar to my Christmas present last year, only this one goes where you tell it and has engines that don’t catch on fire!!  Thanks Debbie!

So, below are some videos put together with footage from our journey across parts of Europe.

End with a flourish…

Our last evening with Patrick was spent in Zurich. After having sausages for dinner, we went to a really nice bar called the Old Crow for a couple nice drinks, then to the bar below our Air B&B called Alpli Bar….

Alpli Bar is famous for having live bands every evening where the audience/clientele can join in.  I don’t think I have laughed this hard in weeks.  We sat down for our final drink, and the bar tendress/Air B&B hostess Sutter served us a pitcher of “Alpli-Miltz”, the bar specialty, which is “not milk” and their own secret recipe.  It sort of tasted like a Gin Fizzz….  Sutter then ran over to the Accordian player, who promptly started playing I Left My Heart in San Fransisco”.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard ILMH played badly on an accordion in Switzerland.  Then another accordian player joined in.  Then a piano player.  Then a woman with wooden spoons.  Then Patrick joins in.  It was like a flash mob.  I was dying.  My Dad would have loved it!


Lauterbrunnen Valley

The Eiger
Deb, Patrick, The Eiger, and a selfie!

Sadly, our trip is nearing its end.  Fortunately, it did not end before we were able to spend three days in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley

I had never heard about this area, but it was high on Patrick’s wish list of places to visit. Thank goodness for that as it is a very special area. 

To me, Yosemite Valley has always been the most spectacular glacial valley. Now I have visited a place that is every bit as amazing. 

More pictures to follow…

Yes, Deb does still have a small issue with the cold, but she hides it very well when patrick is around!

Well poop, and barf too….

Ita is a recidivist!   She is back in dog jail for the day.  Vet dog jail this time…  and it’s her own damn fault this time.  Damn Daschunds… stubborn, opinionated, piggy,quick as a whip…£%*>+>£<*}**££

We didn’t post about it at the time, but about a week ago, while Jim and I, Pat and Kelsey were in Zermont, we all came down with a WICKED case of food poisoning.  Yuck will be sufficient to cover those 36 hours. I guess Ita felt left out, so our last night in Vienna, during our evening walk, Ita found something “nummy” on the street and gobbled it down so fast I couldn’t get it out of her mouth before she swallowed it. “Grrrr…. O well”, I thought…

24 hours later I wake up to find a RETCHING dog next to me. Thanks to those finely honed mommy  reactions, the dog was out of the bed and over the toilet in a millisecond!  Disaster was adverted.  After a day and a half of nursing the dog, (why does shit like this always happen on a Saturday night or a holiday, after all Vets and businesses are closed), I took her to the Vet Monday am EARLY!   After X-rays (No Foriegn Objects, TG, so therefor no surgery) blood work (high RBC due to dehydration) IV of antibiotics, electrolytes, fluids, anti poop and barf meds, she is now back in my possession.  Just so you know, a person getting sick in Greece is about 25% the cost of a dog getting sick in Switzerland.   

Word to the wise.  Download Google Translate to your phones now.  These kinds of adventures would be impossible without it!

Hallstatt, Austria


Yesterday, we rented a car in Salzburg and headed off into the mountains.  Our destination was Hallstatt, a spectacular small village surrounded by an equally beautiful lake and towering mountains.  As you can see, we were not disappointed.

After a lunch of Schnitzel and other Austrian specialities, we continued on to Berchtesgaden, checked out Hitler’s “Eagles Nest” from a distance, and then headed back.


Yes Deb, I agree rule number one “keep Debbie warm” has technically been violated.  However, I believe that if you read the fine print there is a clause that basically says “unless one of her children is traveling with her and wants to go on a holiday tour of Switzerland and Austria”.

So, in this case, if anyone is to blame it would be Patrick!!