Update from Puerto Rico

I am just checking in from onboard Gibb Kane’s fantastic Swan 66 in Marina Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico.  We arrived from Spain just over a week ago, and my plans are to stay here until just prior to Christmas when Deb and I will charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands for the Christmas/New Years Holidays.  We have family joining us and are really looking forward to that time.

Between now and then, Deb (joining me today) and I will need to keep ourselves amused in Puerto Rico.  I’m sure I’d be shot if I complained too much, but after the last six months, Puerto Rico is not going to make the top of my list.  In fact, last week I found some cheap flights to St. Martin (a favorite of mine) and jumped over there for three days of fun.

The pictures below are from that side trip…

Atlantic Crossing Summary

I’ve just arrived in Puerto Rico after a 15 day trip onboard Gibb Kane’s new Swan 66.  It was a 3,000nm journey and we had fantastic sailing weather the entire way.  Other than the first and the last couple of days, the winds were aft of the beam and in the 20-30 knot range.

The boat is fantastic, the crew all got along well, and we were able to complete the trip with very little damage/difficulty.  Unfortunately, we did have the gooseneck pin that holds the boom to the mast fall half way out and bend itself.  Unable to repair at sea, we were forced to keep the mainsail down and sailed the last 2,000 miles under storm trysail!!

Tonight was…

Night #15 since leaving the Canary Islands, and most likely our last night as sea.

It was also a perfect night for my traditional Pink Floyd Watch.



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Enjoy your Thanksgivings!!

Greetings from onboard the sailing vessel Tik Tok, soon to be Bounty. All is well and we are finally beginning to see the end of this journey ahead of us. 2000 miles under Storm Trysail is not something that I’d recommend, but given the reliable trade winds in the 20-30 knot range that we’ve seen most of this trip is has not been too bad.

I am sorry for the lack of updates, but the onboard email system has had a few “issues” and is also very expensive, so we’ve limited ourselves to weather for the most part.

Today we were shadowed for about 15 minutes by what we think was a fairly large whale. My guess is that it was about 15-20 feet long. Easily the largest animal that I’ve seen in the Atlantic Ocean over the past couple of years.

I hope that you all enjoy a great Thanksgiving wherever you are. Especially my family which is scattered all over the place this year. Deb is in Ireland, Chris and Pat are in California, and I am currently 323nm ENE of Puerto Rico.

I had hopes for a quick stop and a Thanksgiving meal at Saba Rock in the BVI’s, but alas that is not to be.

Don’t eat too much!!


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