Cala Colabra, Mallorca – Video

I’ve edited and combined a number of drone video shots that were taken during our stay at Cala Colabra.  I think this video does a far better job and showing what an exceptional place this was.

4 thoughts on “Cala Colabra, Mallorca – Video

  1. Hi guys! We are on the island of Milos, Greece for the first time – striking similarities to the topography in your video! Did you ever come here?
    Hope all is well! We’ll catch up with you in CA.! xo


    • Hey there!! Yes, we spent about a week there. It was the farthest South that we made it with the boat before turning around and heading North for the Winter. Loved it. Walked up to the top of the hill overlooking the main port. What a view!


  2. Jim and Deb–Love the updates–makes back to school a little brighter. I have a Fireman friend who will be in Spain — he is an option for delivery crew – if interested call me at 732-829-8473 — love Daniel and Cassie Fallon


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