1. Sigrid and I stayed at a resort overlooking the Gulf de Papagayo in '91. We got our dive certification there from Mario Vargas at a dive operation near the beach.

    Apres dive, we would retire to a local watering hole with our dive buddies and guides, and drink a shots of the local rotgut called “guaro”. I think it is made from sugar cane and is the equivalent of moonshine.

    As I recall, the brand of choice was something called something like (spelled phonetically) – “etikettie rojas con plumay” – which I believed translated to “Red Label with feathers”. Kind of a local joke playing off ordering a presumed premium liquor like Red Label. The bottle had a red label with the graphic of an indian wearing a headdress.

    Terrible stuff, but you don't care after two or three shots. Wait until Patrick is there so he can carry you back to the boat.


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