Pacific Destinations

Deb is happy visiting with her father in Hawaii. It looks to me like they are enjoying a bit of a flashback to times long ago where dad takes his girls out for ice cream. Lapperts ice cream from Hawaii is the best!!

And…following along with the Pacific theme, I’ve just signed on to help Debs brother Dan sail his boat to the Marquesas and Tuamotus. We leave from Ecuador on Feb 1st!!

The adventure continues…

Mixed Emotions

IMG_6544 (2)
Last night this year onboard Morpheus

Morpheus is ready for Winter.  I’m not sure that I am.

Tomorrow morning she comes out of the water and settles into her cradle here at EMV Marine for the next six months.  A few hours later and I’m on a direct flight from Barcelona to Oakland, Ca.  (thank you Norwegian Airlines!)

The next day, I get to attend an engagement party for my niece Kaitlyn!  Soon, probably within only a few days, it will seem like we never left.

I’m excited to be able to see family and friends, but damn I’m still disappointed that our plans to cross the Atlantic this Winter needed to be put on hold.

The Rock Of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is a weather machine!

Emmanuel and the Rock (big) (2)

I spent three days in Gibraltar walking around in the fog thinking that Fall had officially arrived.  It seems a walk of a few blocks might have taken me back to Summer!!

Special thanks again to Emmanuel Renoir who helped me sail the boat back to Barcelona and took the picture above!

Emmanuel and The Rock