Menorca and Mallorca with the Tye’s

We’ve enjoyed a whirlwind tour of the highlights of Menorca and Mayorca with Mike and Paula Tye.

After an easy overnight sail (motor) from Badalona, we arrived in our favorite small cove on Menorca – Cala Macadella.  One of my favorite spots anywhere.


From there we visited the port of Mahon also on Menorca

The next day we sailed 75 miles and made our way down the Northwest coast of Mallorca before stopping here!!

And then finally we made it to Palma, Mallorca!!


The Tye’s left us for Barcelona and home this morning.  This is their 4th visit with us during our extended cruise that started in 2010.  They have joined us on the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, and now Spain!!

Back Onboard!

After a month at home getting our house ready for new tenants, we are back in Spain onboard Morpheus and ready to leave our long term home in Badalona bound for the Balearic Islands!!

Mike and Paula Tye joined us two days after we returned and have helped us to get Morpheus ready to sail again.  We’ve spent a couple of days in Barcelona and now its time to go sailing!!

Where’s Jim??

While Deb was off having fun in Seville, I needed to make an unscheduled trip home to California in order to deal with “real life” issues. 

One of those issues is home maintenance…

Such fun!  Not only deck work, but multiple kitchen appliances decided to die on our tenants. Unbelievably, Deb entrusted me with picking out replacements!!

It has not been all work and no play. I managed to escape the house for the weekend and fly down to “sunny, warm” San Deigo for a weekend of sailing in the SDYC Yachting Cup. 

Debbie in Seville

I know that we’ve been quiet lately.  Real life has intruded into our “plans” and things have been busy lately. 

Deb has it pretty good at this point though and is enjoying the season opening fair in Seville. Horses, Bullfights, Dancing, and Food!  Deb is in her own personal slice of heaven. 

Projects Continue

It’s painting time around here.  Just refinished the carbon spinnaker pole – very happy – it looks brand new!  And, now we are moving on to the deck where the paint is getting a bit thin these days.

I’m doing all the prep work, and we are having the yard here do the actual painting.

Badalona Days

It’s difficult to make boat projects sound all that exciting.  And to be entirely truthful there has not been much else that has been going on with us lately.  We are really happy to see the results of our efforts, but I don’t think that will translate into a very interesting blog post.  Our list is getting smaller, and that’s a good thing.

So, just to provide some “proof of life”, here are some random pictures that we’ve taken over the last few weeks.